October 19, 2013

Make Cartoons

You may both teach English and have a lot of fun at one and the same time. You don`t believe it? Try goanimate.com and you`ll see it yourself. 

I have just started and made my first cartoon for 5 minutes.  It is called Savanna Friends. It`s very simple but I like it. I am sure you will enjoy making cartoons and your students will enjoy watching them.

Wish you every success in making cartoons!

September 10, 2013

Play a Guess-a-Word Game

You can use this game in different situations: at the beginning of a lesson when you want to introduce a new topic, at the end of a lesson if you have some spare minutes. You can even let your students play this game in pairs or in groups. It helps to revise the spelling of the words.

All you need is to think of any words you`d like your students to guess and write down as many dashes as there are letters in the word. Then let your students name the letters they think are in the word. If they guess a letter write it down. When your students guess the whole word remember to congratulate them.

Wish you every success in guessing words!

April 23, 2013

Do Find-a-Pair Activity

This is a great thing I sometimes do with my students at the lesson. Though they think it`s a kind of a game, I would call it a good grammar (vocabulary) exercise which involves communication with all the students in class. 

So, to do it you should prepare two groups of cards, e.g. one has questions and the other - answers. Give each student one card, that means some of your students will have answers, others - questions. Let them

April 9, 2013

Sing Songs

This is a good way to train all kinds of English sounds, learn some new words or revise those that your students already know, practice grammar. And it`s usually fun (though there may be students who are not good at it and can feel uncomfortable even in a group singing). 

When I have time at the lesson I organise a sort of competition or a small so-called concert. I divide my class in two or three groups and give them some time to rehearse (of course the song is already familiar to my students). They can sing the whole song or

March 11, 2013

Play "Snowball"

"Snowball" is one of my favourite games. It`s simple, not requiring any preparation, and at the same time interesting for students. You can play it studying any topic. The game is engaging for students of all ages.

The rules are simple. The first student says one word, the second student

February 16, 2013

Organise Interviews in Class

This time we were to speak about hobbies. I wanted my students to write a story about their classmates` hobbies. So, first they needed to get this information. I had prepared an interview card for them. It looked like that: